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    Christian Geirsson, LPC.

    Christian is a Licensed Professional Counselor and National Board Certificated Counselor. He is a proud graduate of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher education, advocate for the arts, and a lifelong learner committed to expanding his repertoire of therapeutic skills and interventions.

    He has spent his career working in community mental health settings serving underprivileged populations. After obtaining his Master of Arts degree in Community Mental Health in 2014, Christian worked at a residential facility serving adjudicated male youths as a mobile therapist for nearly two years, then later served as Clinical Coordinator for Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services for the very same program.

    Although he has spent his career working with children and adolescents, Christian mostly now works with adult populations. Utilizing an eclectic mix of culturally-competent cognitive-behavioral interventions, Rogerian principles, and psychodynamic-informed interventions, Christian strives to help individuals seek personal solutions to their cognitive and emotional problems while guiding clients to navigate symptoms of anxiety, depression or manifestations of trauma to find growth, balance, and personal wholeness. In addition to joining the team at PhilaTherapy, Christian works at a community mental health agency in Chester County as an outpatient therapist providing individual and family therapy, diagnostic evaluations, and level of care evaluations for its behavioral health programs.

    Christian has participated in trainings offered through multiple Community Care Behavioral Health practitioners as well as the Beck Institute for Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania.

    Christian’s work in community mental health settings has provided him opportunities working with and developing rapport with individuals suffering serious and persistent mental illnesses. This has led Christian to empower clients to foster strong social networks and emphasize harm reduction tactics as essential elements for helping clients healthfully address their dilemmas. Christian believes understanding a person’s subjective experience is central to creating a supportive and empathetic therapeutic relationship. Christian strives to “meet clients where they are” while assisting each client to develop the insight and tools needed to achieve their own goals.