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  • Neil Warshafsky, LCSW

    Neil is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over a decade of experience working with individual adults, couples, and families. Neil graduated with his MSW from University of Maryland in 2008. He has spent most of his career working with people experiencing marginalization for reasons including the impacts of poverty, racism, educational disparities, as well as transphobia and homophobia.

    Most of Neil’s experience has been working with people experiencing depression, anxiety, trauma, lack of self-acceptance, and low self-worth. One of his passions is to work with the LGBTQ community around these same issues with an emphasis on self love/acceptance, body positivity, and coming out.

    Neil believes that how we see the world is rooted in our history, and that it can be powerful for people to identify ways they learned to think about themselves, others, and the world around them. Neil starts with this psychodynamic approach but will turn to behavioral, person-centered, trauma-informed modalities as he learns what works best for someone. Neil also utilizes the principles of mindfulness and works with people to feel more present in their daily lives.

    Neil is down-to-earth, warm, interactive, and supportive during his sessions. Therapy is most successful when people feel like their therapist gets them and when there is genuine connection. He takes an interactive approach, engages in discussion, and doesn’t hesitate to share his experiences when helpful. Neil has a more personal, relaxed, style in sessions that helps strengthen therapeutic relationships which, in turn, helps people feel comfortable being open about their experience. With Neil you will experience someone who always approaches you with interest and curiosity.