Amber Teachen, LMFT


Amber is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a Bachelor's in Psychology/Pre-Counseling and Therapy minor, and a Master’s of Family Therapy from Thomas Jefferson University. Amber has experience working in outpatient settings and spent the last three years providing in-home intensive family therapy and case management in Delaware County. Amber is a relationally-focused, holistic, collaborative therapist who utilizes Systemic, Mindfulness, Strength-Based, Cognitive-Behavioral (CBT), and Emotion-Focused theory and techniques.

Amber works with adults, young adults, families, teens, and children, including specialties in anxiety, depression, stress/burnout, life transitions, personal development, co-parenting, parent-child attachment issues, and family/relational conflict. Amber believes, at times in life, we get stuck in patterns that lead us to feel stressed, trapped, and unhappy. Through Amber’s systemic training, she walks alongside clients collaboratively to help them gain insight into patterns, identify coping and management strategies, and find ways to get “unstuck”. Amber assists clients with tapping into their strengths as resources for empowering and continuing to build confidence in clients throughout the therapy process. Amber strives to see you as a person first, not just the problems you are facing. This includes understanding each part of who you are to gain a full picture of your experiences and how they’ve shaped you.

Amber is an empathetic and compassionate clinician who upholds ethical standards, with the belief in creating a safe and trusting space for clients to show up authentically.