Dr. Gayle V. Logan, PsyD, LPC, LSW.

Gayle V. Logan is a native of Newark, Delaware, and a Doctor of Clinical Psychology. She completed her educational and internship trainings at two different Behavioral and psychiatric Facilities, in Philadelphia, Virginia, and New Jersey. She graduated Magna Cum Laude, from California Southern University, in 2017. She published her first book, entitled Self-Regulation of Impulsive Behavior: A Theoretical Model for ADHA-HI Subtype. She graduated Cum Laude from Rutgers, where she earned a master’s degree Social Work. Dr. Logan received the Ralph Bunche Fellowship at Rutgers the State University of New Jersey, in 1996, and appointed a membership to Psi Chi. Additionally, Dr. Logan attended the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, where she initially pursued her Doctorated in Clinical Psychology. During her studies at PCOM the focus was education and training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Psychological Disorders, Diagnosis, and Psychological Testing. She is having memberships in two Honor Societies, the National Honor Society of Psychology (Psi Chi), National Honor Society of Social Work. The focus of her studies during her graduate experiences included adults, adolescents, children, and families. In 1981, Dr. Logan accepted an opportunity to study Experimental Psychology at Princeton University, under the guidance of a graduate student and Dr. Catherine Cornwell-Jones. Her special interest was research in learning, and Neurophysiology Psychology.

Doctor Logan has over 30 years of clinical experience, 23 years of employment experience as a director for Mental Health Treatment Programs. Her experience included psychotherapeutic treatment services; psychological testing; Individual and Group Therapies. Dr. Logan has trained other mental health workers, and all levels of student interns about mental health treatment and services. She has 20 years of experience in independent practice.

When Dr. Logan was a Center Mental Health Consultant at the Philadelphia Job Corps, she was concerned about continuity of mental health services to students during a pandemic. The Covid-19 pandemic prompt initiating a Telehealth, Teleconference. Students were quarantined at home to prevent the spread of the disease. The situation spearheaded development of a program designed to meet the treatment needs of Job Corps students The program has been successful, as other clinicians can document treatment interventions. With over 6 years of experience for Job Corps.

Dr. Logan is compassionate and stands by the ethical standards and codes of professional practice, in service to vulnerable populations. She has dedicated her life to helping restore the quality of life, one person at a time.