Elisabetta Ambron, PhD

Elisabetta earned her undergraduate degree in Clinical Psychology at the Second University of Naples (Italy) in 2005. She got licensed as Clinical Psychologist in Italy in 2009. She completed her PhD at the University of Edinburgh in Psychology in 2010.

After her clinical studies and work, she focused on clinical research and explored diagnostic tools and treatment interventions in several patient populations. For instance, she is currently working on an interventional study to treat phantom limb pain. After several years of research, she missed clinical and psychotherapeutic work and decided to get licensed in Pennsylvania in 2024. Her background and interests are in psychodynamic theories and in psychoanalytic approach. She completed specialization course in “Psychoanalytic Clinic of the new symptoms” at Istituto di Ricerca di Psicoanalisi Applicata (IRPA) and Jonas (Italy).

She uses a psychoanalytic approach in her therapy. In the sessions, she aims to create a safe space, which enables her clients to share their thoughts and live their emotions. Her clients are the real expert, with whom she co-creates changes and identifies growth opportunities. She listens to them, learns from them, and leverages her problem-solving and analytical thinking to identify the core aspects of the communication.

Her knowledge in cognitive neuroscience has equipped her with a unique understanding of the relationship between body and brain. She fosters a holistic approach in the exploration of the clients’ symptoms. Her focus is on the client’s cognitive abilities that subserve the clinical intervention. She believes that therapeutic success depends on the therapeutic relation, and she is dedicated to foster trust it her client. Her passion for psychodynamic approach brings her to explore what is beyond the client symptoms and what is the real uncommunicated need. Finally, being an Italian psychologist, she has a deep understanding of diversity and of the importance of considering social determinants for a successful therapy.