Jared Golant, LSW

Jared collaborates with individuals who are ready to plunge into the depths of their mind and emerge their Greater Self. He helps clients answer questions such as: What are the different parts of my personality? Why do I keep repeating the same things over and over? Why do I choose one emotional response over another? He considers his specialties to be addiction, fear/uncertainty/doubt, and attentiveness to mind-matter connection. But, anyone who is committed to a fresh way of seeing themselves will benefit from Jared's exploration of the many facets of personality. He promises a non-pathologizing approach to any challenge.

He devotes himself to easing a person into knowledge of their cognition, their character, and their life script so that they feel empowered to embrace themselves fully and edit their experience as they please. He has built a system of diagnostics that leads into health, rather than out of "illness". He supports in clarifying purpose out of pain.

He knows how many mental health appointments simply leave a person feeling that they have one more knot to undo, one more stuck point lingering. He offers you a new view of yourself that is based on holistic wisdom, narrative pleasure, and total love for the full person.