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Student/Parent Educational Services

Mr. David Skowronski has not only worked as a psychotherapist providing therapy to all ages of clients for almost 2 decades, he has continued to work as a school counselor both in the private and public school setting. He worked at a private Jesuit High school, St. Joseph’s Preparatory School, and currently in the public schools at Mariana Bracetti Academy Charter School. His school counseling experiences have centered working with 5th-12th grades. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience navigating many aspects of the school setting from special education services, 504 plan services, social/emotional issues of development, to college and career development both with students, parents and school staff.

What are student and parent educational services?

Mr. Skowronski understands that need for parents and students to address a whole child approach to education. It is defined by policies, practices, and relationships that ensure each child, in each school, in each community, is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged. Student and parent educational services is an approach to foster resiliency and assist in the development of social and emotional health of students. We do this by providing developmental childhood services, prevention services, and mental health services.

Some of the services PhilaTherapy provides include:

  1. Advocation and whole child coordination of care between mental health services and school needs
  2. 504 plan writing
  3. IEP consultation and recommendations
  4. Career exploration
  5. College planning
  6. Academic planning and support
  7. Social, emotional and academic strategy planning and implementation